March 4, 2018


Special-edition art issue out now

I love print. As an editor, working on a print publication gives me occasional opportunities to pause, hold something tangible, and admire the work that went into it. Not my work, but the work of a team of writers, illustrators, designers, and photographers who help create it. This weekend, a new issue of 1530 Main landed and I couldn’t have been more excited watching the boxes being dragged off shipping pallets.

In preparation for Dallas Art Month, The Joule will be installing King Dong, a nine-foot-tall “mega beast” by the twin-brother-artist duo, The Haas Brothers. So, while Nikolai and Simon take over The Joule (quite literally) they’re taking over this issue as well: cover illustration, interview, and a round of our rapid-fire Q&A, Inside the Head Of…

Beyond The Haas Brothers, this issue is packed with art: a peek at a local fine artists’ meditative chapel, food artistry, a profile on Sam Gillam and his work in the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent collection… There’s also a field guide to the incredible art collection on display at The Joule. (Map included!)

Pick up your issue at The Joule, Forty Five Ten, Dallas Contemporary, or one of the several spots it’s stacked Downtown. I’m proud to share it with you. —Michelle Padgett