April 5, 2019


What Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani has on deck this spring

Fact: Shamsy Roomiani might just be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Another fact: The native Texan is a fiercely talented mixed-media artist with experience in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, installation art, and photography.

The University of North Texas alumn who studied printmaking and marketing is truly a jack of all trades, best known for Shamstone crystal sculptures, botanical cyanotypes, ethereal floral installations, and herbal smudge wands to summon good vibes.

Good vibes are kind of her thing and her positivity and creativity are contagious.  (Her Persian name literally translates to “sunshine.”) Lucky for us, both will be front and center this spring at local exhibits featuring Roomiani’s work and special events hosted by the artist herself.

“Spring is the most exciting time of year to me,” she says. “Life stretches its limbs way out and shakes off the grogginess of winter. There’s so much refreshing energy going around.”

To refresh her own creative energy, Roomiani recently experimented with new mediums and techniques by printing cyanotypes with raindrops and crafting mixed-media Shamstone meteorites with organic and inorganic materials.

The latter, which juxtaposes moss, clay, and wood with foams and plastics, will be on display at “DISCOTECH,” the third installment of Sweet Tooth Hotel, which opens this May.

“Experimentation is what keeps me sane and keeps my creative brain juices flowing,” she says. “I absolutely love learning new ways to push my boundaries. It’s the unfamiliar that makes us grow.”

While Roomiani finds inspiration in myriad ways, nature is her foremost muse. Most recently, the patterns and colors of clams from the Great Barrier Reef and the relationship between plants and water have served as creative fuel.

“Nature is my greatest inspiration,” she says. “I’m drawn to the often overlooked and particularly unusual textures in my surroundings.”

This singular vision informs everything Roomiani touches, translating to unique objets d’art that spark joy wherever they go. — Nicole Jordan

The Details: Shop fine art, stationary, and handmade goods at Hotel Shop by 4510/SIX at The Joule and shamsy.co. See below for upcoming exhibitions and special events.

“Seeing the Unseen” at The Gallery at North Haven Gardens
On display through May 10, 2019

“COCOON” inside the Green Room at WAAS Gallery
Opening April 4, 2019

“BedSpring” at Sweet Tooth Hotel DISCOTECH
Opening May 25, 2019

Artist Talk at The Gallery at North Haven Gardens
April 20, 2019

First Saturdays at Nasher Sculpture Center
May 4, 2019

PHOTO | Portrait of Shamsy by Exploredinary