September 10, 2018


What to wear to meet author Claudia Dey

This Thursday, September 13, Canadian author and fashion designer Claudia Dey will be posting up at Tenoversix to sign copies of her American debut novel, Heartbreaker. (Rumors of tequila sunrises and ’80s power ballads abound.)

91QLFep2NXLFollowing the signing, Dey will do a public reading and join Kristen Cole in conversation to talk about the book—a darkly powerful novel that blends ’80s camp, cults, blood, sex, fierce motherly love, and borderline-post-apocalyptic fashion. Yep, all that.

Now the the big question: what to wear to meet Dey? Here, a few suggestions to show you’re in the know. (From left to right)

1. Rachel Comey bodysuit and high-waist denim to serve ultimate ’80s realness. Le Pony Darlene Fontaine would definitely approve.
2. Clergerie shoes—in white, just like in the book!
3. Rachel Comey barrette. If you’re like women in “the territory” (a.k.a. the cult) and have hair to down your waistline, better buy a few.
4. A gold chain as a nice homage to the territory’s mining past. It’s not made by Gold Lady Gold (their jeweler of choice), but Cartier will do.

The Details: Tenoversix, 1615 Main Street. September 13. Book signing, 3–5 p.m. Reading from Heartbreaker and Q&A, 5–6 p.m.