September 6, 2017

High Brow

The art of the perfect arch

#browgoals. #browsonpoint #browsonfleek. Instagram has spoken; we’re living in the Age of the Brow. To book a shaping session or microblading appointment with esthetician Rula Sharkawi, you might have to wait. Her prowess has made her quite in demand, but Sharkawi’s always happy to share tips for #instaworthy brows. Here, a few of her basic mantras…

Thread on.
“People always ask me: to wax or to thread? I opt for threading. Waxing can lead to complications, especially if you have sensitive skin or use topical exfoliators like Retin-A or Accutane. Waxing can leave skin inflamed, irritated, and in cases of very thin skin, rip it off. With threading there’s less direct contact with the skin, so it’s easier and less irritating.”

Save the date.
“Get your brows done every 3–4 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. When checking out after an appointment, I suggest booking the next. That way you won’t forget and can combine two tasks—paying and scheduling—in one step. Less reminders on your iCal!”

Layer up.
“To achieve a natural-looking, multi-dimensional brow, I like to layer products. Start by highlighting the brow bone, right along the inside of the arch. This gives you a clean, polished look. Then grab a powder or pencil. I like to go one shade lighter than the original hair color because it looks more natural. Line the brow starting at the end and moving inward using soft, upward strokes. Pay careful attention to define the top of the arch. Use a spoolie brush to blend the lines together and finish with a swipe of clear brow gel to keep in place.”

Tweeze lightly.
“If you’re overdue for an appointment but can’t make it in, you can tweeze, but don’t overdo it. Apply highlighter under your arch, following the shape you want to maintain. Tweeze only the hairs in that highlighted section. Consider it the border not to cross. This way your shape will stay neat without accidentally tweezing too far.”

Zoom out.
Magnifying mirrors are the devil. Once you look in one, there’s no turning back. You’ll want to pick and tweeze everything. Then you’ll back in a regular mirror to find skinny brows and a scarred face. Stick to your car mirror with natural sunlight. That’s the best way to find hidden, unwanted hairs.

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