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June 1, 2019


Obsessed with the does-it-all Vintner’s Daughter—again

It’s hard to overstate the cult-like devotion Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum has garnered since it debuted nearly four years ago. Hailing from Napa Valley, the multi-tasking facial oil boasts 22 active botanicals and is quite possibly the hardest-working formula on the market. Antioxidants, healing phytonutrients, nourishing vitamins, moisturizing fatty acids—all in one dropper. For some, it replaced five to six steps in their skincare routine. (For others, it was a game-changing addition to multi-step regimens that reads like a self-care Hokey Pokey.)

It is, in fact, so multi-tasking that even as the brand’s following grew, its product lineup did not. Vintner’s Daughter has grown with only one product—that is until this spring.

Introducing Active Treatment Essence. Designed to be used before applying the serum, it preps cleansed skin by hydrating and micro-exfoliating. (Read: it helps the products that follow absorb better.) The exfoliation comes thanks to acids and enzymes that are gentle enough for everyday use. While it contains several of the same ingredients as the serum, it’s water-soluble (as opposed to the oil-based serum) so it can deliver the nutrients in different ways. (Vintner’s Daughter calls it the yin to the serum’s yang.)

Brightening vitamin C, pre- and probiotics, plant stem cells, and marine micro-algae round out the cocktail of ingredients, proving that this new launch is as multi-hyphenate as it’s older sister, the Serum. Together, they make a perfect duo for conquering the inevitable skin woes summer in Texas can bring.

Available at Forty Five Ten. Complimentary valet at the 1608 Elm Street Motor Court.