July 20, 2018


Two vinyl DJs walk into a bar…

With the millennial resurgence of record stores, vinyl DJs have made a comeback, too. Among those leading the charge in Dallas: The Good Taste Collective, a vinyl DJ duo that includes Jessica Roberts and Daniel Perez. Their Sunday morning weekly set at Wheelhouse is more bellini vibes than bottle service—a perfect brunch soundtrack. “Our concept is very simple,” says Roberts. “We want to have a good time and we want our audience to have one, too.”

Tell us about the name.
JR: “You can guess our individual tastes according to our sets, but we joke that good taste is what unites us. Genres vary, musical phases change,  and we both get inspired by other DJs and musicians, but at the end of the day, we’re motivated by a good time with a good soundtrack.”

How did you get started on the project?
JR: “I used to write a nightlife column for Dallas Observer called The Overserved. In those days I was also starting to get invites to play short sets with other DJs as cross-promotion for events. Blake Ward was nice enough to invite me out and collaborate on some really fun events—even after I got in trouble with a Henderson Avenue bar manager for playing Yoko Ono. I also owe some thanks to Sarah Jaffe, who invited me to do an opening set before a The Dividends show.”

DP: “Same as Jessica, I was invited to play with some great Dallas artists. After doing a few digital sets, we both saw the opportunity to expand our own vinyl collections and do it old school. Part of the fun of The Good Taste Collective is having two vibes in one set. We can trade off and play some amazing music back-to-back and its fresh because we have a similar approach to curation, but vastly different buying habits.”

Why do think there’s been a resurgence of vinyl DJS? 
JR: “There’s always a pendulum swinging in culture. One way to swing back from all of our digital obsessions is to go back towards real life experiences. I think the vinyl resurgence is one way that’s manifesting. And collections are so personal, so it’s a fun connection when you have the same pressing or similar taste as someone. A full crate is always a conversation starter.”

DP: “For me, it brings back memories of record shopping with my family as a kid. My dad has a really fun record collection, and it wasn’t until I was much older when I realized how much it influenced my musical taste. I think people have a feeling of nostalgia when they see vinyl, and now with great record shops in the area like Josey Records, it’s much easier to access.”

What are some of the bands you’re listening to right now?
JR: “Diana Ross makes it into almost every set I play. I’m revisiting a lot of her catalog right now because we’re about to see her in LA. Sergio Mendes and The Fifth Dimension are always in my summer rotations as well. I love pop idols and keep coming back to the new Kim Petras, Lizzo, and forever Janet Jackson.”

DP: “For vinyl listening, I’ve been really into Heatwave, Zapp, The Budos Band, and Shalamar. I also like to mix in the occasional Toro Y Mo or Com Truise vibe since it has a very synth-heavy throwback sound mixing modern and old funk.”

How are you curating the brunch set at Wheelhouse? What’s the mood?
JR: “I’m so excited for a brunch scene. It’s a different vibe than a late-night party and we can focus on some of our favorite summer songs. Plus, we get to play for families, which isn’t always the case at bars. Parents and kids dancing out in Center Court reminds me of the ways I discovered music growing up. I’d call the mood “retro-pool party with a dash of road-trip music.” When I think of being outside in the summer, I always think of summer mixes in the car blasting way too loud with the windows down.”

DP: “If I can get people to toe-tap while eating shrimp and grits, I know I’m doing my job. I love playing songs that bring a smile to people’s faces and make them raise a glass and cheers to family or friends sitting across the table. I want the vibe to be light and fun, but you might actually be tempted to dance.”

Where else in the city can we find you?
JR: “We have a monthly set the second Tuesday of every month at Single Wide, Time of the Monthly, where we do a supply drive to support Take Charge. Period. an organization that distributes menstruation products to local food pantries for families in need. You can ollow our Facebook page for one-off gigs.”

DP: “And you can always find us grooving out at some of our other favorite nights in town including Vinyl Fantasy also at Single Wide, Taylor Rea’s Roll Call night at Off the Record, and weekends at Midnight Rambler with a solid rotation of selectors. We like being on both sides of the decks!”

The Details: Wheelhouse, 1617 Hi Line Drive. Sunday brunch beginning at 11 a.m.