April 26, 2018


Artist Nikolai Haas

One half of the dynamic duo The Haas Brothers, Nikolai places his work at the intersection of design, art, and construction. The native Austinite began helping his dad, a stone carver, at the age of 12. “In a way, what we do now is the same business.” Given the custom illustration the brothers did for this issue’s cover, we thought it polite to give Nikolai the last word.

Part of your work you enjoy most? 

Coolest thing in your closet?
An awesome YES concert tee from the ’70s my wife gave me when we were 19.

Spookiest/craziest/most magical twin-connection moment?
Shit, that’s a hard one! The whole experience of being a twin is pretty magic.

Best thing to happen to you this year?
My son, Fox.

Three qualities that got you where you are today?
Drive, discipline, humor.

Best part about being from Austin?
Swimming in Barton Creek and waterskiing.

Happiest when?
With my family or in nature.

Band you’d love to join?
Pearl Jam.

Best part about working in L.A.?
There are no boundaries—not in material, aesthetic, philosophy… Plus, it’s close to lots of National Parks.

Song that has left a lasting impression?
Listening to “Laughing” by David Crosby a lot. It’s my and my son’s favorite song together at the moment.

Most recent Google search?
3D printing sterling silver.

Place in the world that you’d love to visit, but haven’t been yet?
Tonga or Socotra.

Piece of advice you’ve received and took to heart?
My mom once told me that artists pour their guts out in front of people to inspire them and make them feel like they could do something like that, too. “Your audience is rooting for you.” I always remember the audience is a friend and is as much a part of the work as the person making it.

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