May 30, 2018


…But did you need an excuse?

Short work weeks are a bit of a paradox. You get a long weekend, and instead of feeling  totally rejuvenated, you end up a little dazed (What day is it?) and really, really ready for the weekend again. It’s no coincidence that this Friday is National Leave Work Early Day.* In celebration, The Joule will be throwing an impromptu celebration on the lawn in front of The Eye. Skip out early and frolic. Buy a gelato from Commissary‘s pop-up, get a drink on the pergola of Copper Bar at Forty Five Ten, pull up a lawn chair in the shade, or kick around the world’s largest beach ball** with trainers from Vital Fitness Studio.

The Details: Friday, June 1. Noon–5 p.m. Across from The Joule, 1530 Main Street. 

*There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the official date of National Leave Work Early Day. Technically, it’s June 2 (which is a Saturday) so some claim it should be observed on the following Monday. We say otherwise because:
1) The National Day Calendar dictates that if the holiday falls on a Saturday, it should be moved to the closest work day: Friday, June 1.
2) Who wants to skip out early on a Monday?
3) And really, who wants to get legalistic over any National [blank] Day? P.S. Today is National Mint Julep Day, so we’re off to do that.

**Maybe not the largest, but it’s up there on the list.