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June 19, 2018


Skincare obsessive Joslyn Taylor gives her beauty regimen a jolt

I’ve never been described as laid-back. Intense and Type A, yes. Easygoing, not so much. But I embrace this wholeheartedly. My can-do attitude has brought me this far and carries over into all areas of my life. Take for example, my evening beauty routine.

Until recently, it’s been more Indie 500 pit stop than relaxing, self-care ritual: exfoliating face wash applied with supersonic face brush, prescription retinol cream, and a thick moisturizer to calm my inevitably irritated visage. My disgruntled skin was more confused than ever—simultaneously dry and broken out—which is why I descended into the subterranean Spa at The Joule for the works: a Biologique Recherche Remodeling Facial.

My esthetician did an admirable job hiding her horror while listening to me recount my nighttime routine and got to work devising a custom skincare plan to undo the damage. “A gentle approach is the name of the game,” she said, wiping my face with Lait E.V. cleansing milk before applying the brand’s hero product, Lotion P50. The exfoliating toner uses lactic and salicylic acids to brighten skin. (The long line of beauty editors who swear by it rivals my multitasking brain’s to-do list.)

Fully P50’d, my face got a thick coat of Biomagic mask to bring vibrancy back to my “devitalized” skin. While the mask was doing its thing, my esthetician massaged my shoulders, lulling me into full-fledged, Type B-mode. (A good thing, given what came next.)

Wiping away the last traces of mask, she nonchalantly asked if I had any metal implants. It was time to pull out the big guns: the Remodeling Face Machine, which uses a series of low- and medium-frequency galvanic currents along with pulsed, “athermic” (beauty speak for “not hot”) high-frequency currents to stimulate and lift skin. Say what?

The next 15 minutes involved a full-face vibration that was slightly uncomfortable at best, freaky at worst. (And in case you’re wondering, silver fillings count as metal implants. Each time the machine’s tip neared my jaw line, my teeth danced.) But, not unlike a good workout, the discomfort made me feel like it was working.

The real proof came about a half-hour later (after a slathering of serum and two glasses of cucumber water) when I peered into the mirror and saw a glowing, lineless face looking back at me. This was reinforced the next day when my husband declared that I looked mellow and rested. Me, mellow and rested? I could get used to that.

The Details: The Spa at The Joule, 1530 Main Street. Call 214.261.4555 to book a treatment.