March 24, 2019

Journey to Tibet

A masterpiece on display exclusively at The Joule

A work of magnitude unlike any before it, Murals of Tibet is a SUMO-sized collector’s edition documenting the greatest treasures of Buddhist culture—bound and captured in life-size resolution.

Photographer Thomas Laird spent a decade traveling in Tibet to compile the first-ever archive of these precious artworks in their full resolution. The result is an immersive, spiritual, and breathtaking experience. And now, you can peruse in person. The TASCHEN Library at The Joule is the only place in Texas to have the edition available to  preview.

Each copy is numbered (only 998 exist) and signed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. A 528-page scholarly companion written by Buddhist writer Robert Thurman brings enlightenment to the greater meaning behind the art. Each also comes with a custom stand designed by architect Shigeru Ban for display. Though the price tag evokes a bit of sticker shock, collectors should consider this: the $42,000 art edition with a large-scale reproduction of one of the murals has already sold out—all 40 copies. —Michelle Padgett

The Details: The TASCHEN Library at The Joule, 1530 Main Street. $12,000. Available for purchase by request.