May 23, 2016

Just Eat It

Three of The Joule’s chefs were named “30 under 30”

They’re the movers, shakers, choppers, grinders, and so much more at the eateries inside The Joule. And while we think they’re pretty awesome, we might be a little biased.

But dining authority Zagat agrees—and has named three of our very own as “30 under 30” of the Dallas dining scene. Here’s the lowdown on our winners:

Ian Reilly

Our lumbersexual cartender (oh yes, and beverage supervisor) is known for his magical powers of making you a custom cocktail perfectly tailored to your flavor preferences. You can find him moving about the lobby of The Joule Thursday – Saturday evenings with his bar cart, or take a cocktail class with him the third Sunday of every month. 

Carolanne Treadwell

A sous chef at CBD Provisions, Treadwell recently organized the wildly popular (and charitable) De La Terre Dinner. She’s been an integral part in the new menu updates at the restaurant, and is brining some girl power into the line. CBD Provisions, 1530 Main Street. 214.261.4500. 

Mat Urban

It’s not all in your head at Americano—it’s all in your stomach, because yes, you did just eat an entire pizza (whatever, you only live once). Urban has worked at many of The Joule’s eateries (including CBD Provisions and Charlie Palmer) and you can now find him obsessing over pastas, pizzas, meatballs and more. Americano, 1530 Main Street. 214.261.4600.