July 26, 2017

Just Visiting

Designer Gabriela Hearst joins us for tea

Where’s home base?
Manhattan and the 17,000- acre ranch in Uruguay my father passed on to me.

What brings you to Dallas?
A trunk show of my Fall 2017 collection at Forty Five Ten. We just had a luncheon at Mirador, and it was outstanding.

What’s else is on your agenda?
Relaxing at the hotel. I knew The Joule was designed by very smart people from the moment I checked in and put on the bathrobe with the hood. No need for two towels! Someone was thinking there.

gabrielahearst1What’s your packing strategy?
I try to stay light and efficient. When you work in fashion, you’re always schlepping schmatta. If I’m on a work trip, I have my looks predetermined. For Dallas, I have my outfit for today, one for my trunk show tomorrow, a cashmere tracksuit for travel, and then a cocktail dress just in case. And three pairs of shoes—that’s it.

Very light! What won’t you flight without?
Pens, pencils, a sketchbook, and a book. Right now, I’m reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. He’s kind of a genius. The book starts with big questions about who we are as a species. I’m enjoying it tremendously.

Best part of traveling?
I have three children and two step-children. For the past two years, I’ve been travelling with my littlest, but recently I got brave enough to leave him at home. Now on planes I get to meditate or watch a movie and really get into it. I usually pick something and end up crying.

Worst part?
The TSA—the scanners, taking off your shoes, the whole thing. I get its importance, but still.

The Details: Shop Hearst’s latest collection at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street.