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May 8, 2018

Clip In & Turn Up

The soundtrack to your next ride

If you’ve saddled a bike in one of Katelyn Morris‘s cycle classes at VITAL Fitness Studio, you were likely surprised by how quickly it was over. That time warp is thanks, in part, to a thoughtful playlist. “When I’m planning for a class, I want the music to create a contagious energy that inspires people to move,” says Morris.

While prepping her mixes, Morris considers the choreography of the ride and overall mood, but she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to genres. “Anything goes,” she says. “Music is a huge motivating factor in class, and my goal is to make sure the whole room is feeling the music. I consider it the highest compliment when a rider says they enjoyed the music in class.”

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street. Click here to book a class; your first one is free!