January 22, 2019


Kypris beauty launches at Forty Five Ten

All-natural, organic skincare can be a bit of a catch-22 for me. You get safe ingredients, but also potential irritation from too many essential oils. You get sustainability and eco-friendliness, but without the efficacy of those “dirtier” antiaging creams and serums.

It’s been a conundrum of mine since the day I picked up my first tube of Tom’s toothpaste at Whole Foods (have never gotten used to the taste, by the way) all the way through my recent days of obsessively shopping Goop for the next thing that’s going to give me that just-juice-cleansed glow.

Cue the launch of KYPRIS this week at Forty Five Ten. I came in with an open mind and a pinky promise to myself not to fall in love with the product just because of it’s ridiculously gorgeous packaging. (The brand’s shares the ancient name for Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, so it makes sense.)

Everything in the line is organic, sustainably sourced, and formulated to be mixed and matched. Layer the Botanical Serums to calm, moisturize, or increase cell turnover. Mix the Beauty Elixirs (reparative oils) to address specific skin concerns. You can even layer masks, which was a bit of a revelation to me. (After a few minutes of the brightening Glow Philtre mask, I slathered on the soothing, hydrating Cerulean mask for the best skin-day I’ve had in years.)

Exploring the brand’s lineup, I cleansed. I masked. I multi-masked. I serumed. And I loved every single product. No irritation or redness. No hippie smells or inelegant textures—just lovely skincare that’s a joy to use.  And I got that enviable just-juiced glow, too. —Michelle Padgett

The Details: Now available at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street and fortyfiveten.com