October 6, 2018


Libra, what do you want to let go of?

Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant Shasa Mitcham picks the perfect scent to help you set your intention. 

Libra (September 23–October 22)
This upcoming year will be one of amazing self-awareness and growth. You’ll confront head-on things that have been holding you back and feelings of insecurity you’ve tried to conceal. Learn to be vulnerable and embrace these feelings; their presence will diminish as you find they no longer hold the same weight. This won’t be easy, but you are totally capable. Be patient with yourself.

Select a fragrance that speaks your mission into existence: China White by Nasomatto.
It’s inspired by an emotional journey in which the wearer seeks to find strength and balance in fragility and vulnerability. Notes: Undisclosed by the request of the nose, $185. 

The Details: Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. Complimentary valet. Want to see what Shasa picked for your sign? Read on…