August 23, 2016

Lick This: Encanto Pops

Chill out.

Located on one of the most primo blocks in the city (neighbors include Glass Optical, Set and Co., and Spinster Records), paleteria Encanto Pops has opened their bright purple door.

The shop, which is simple but stylish (chevron-patterned tiles, graphic logo printed on the wall) houses a case of paleterias with flavors you won’t be finding elsewhere in the city. Founded by the Diaz siblings, you’ll find flavors that hark back to their childhood and are translations of adult cravings.

There are two varieties of pops—cream-based and water-based—all of which can be further accessorized by being dipped in milk or dark chocolate and drizzled with the family’s secret recipe of chamoy.

Our favorite, the Cookies and Lime flavor, draws parallels to Pastel de Galletas Maria and Key Lime Pie. Jalapeño, on the other hand, has a serious kick—it’s a weird sensation when a cool treat further fuels the fire in your mouth.

The Details: Encanto Pops, 831 West Davis Street. Website here.