July 25, 2018


Art, femininity, and the Pre-Fall campaign from Forty Five Ten

Architecture, language, feminism, belonging, and how we inhabit spaces are among the topics poet and critic Quinn Latimers reflects on in her recent anthology Like a Woman: Essays, Readings, Poems. The book’s expansive contemplations served as inspirational launching points for Forty Five Ten‘s new Pre-Fall campaign. Chief among them: art.


President and Chief Creative Officer Kristen Cole zeroed in on art and it’s connection to fashion. “I wanted to highlight the relationship with our new format for Forty Five Ten editorial photoshoots,” she says. “It’s a conversation I’m personally interested in, and fashion and art are so central to the distinct nature of Forty Five Ten.”


To start the conversation for the season, Cole and her team shot the Like a Woman lookbook onsite at art collectors John and Lisa Runyon‘s ’60s Mid-century modern home. “They have an amazing contemporary art collection,” says Cole. “I have always loved their home since meeting them on one of our first trips to Dallas and admire their style of collecting. Smart, generous and clearly moved by art—exactly the type of collectors I want to share with our audience.”


Continuing the connection to art: photographer Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, who comes from a creative lineage. (Mom is a designer and founder Zero + Maria Cornejo; father is a fashion photographer whose work influenced Cole in her early 20s.) And model Jane Mosley is an artist herself, based in LA and working on macabre paintings that involve zombies, demons(?) and house cats.  A woman-led cast of other women creatives—a strong  message for Cole’s inaugural campaign for Forty Five Ten.

The Details: Explore (and pre-shop) the full campaign here. Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. 

Meet Kristen Cole
Behind the art collection of John and Lisa Runyon