September 27, 2015

Linda Rodin Comes to Dallas

Fashion advice from Linda: “Don’t listen to other people’s advice.”

Donald Robertson’s interpretation of Linda, plus her poodle Winky.

You may not know Linda Rodin’s name, but you’ve seen her work. Whether it’s images of her (she’s modeled in The Row and Karen Walker campaigns), impeccably styled models from her stint as a fashion editor with Harper’s Bazaar, or you’re obsessed with her eponymous beauty line, RODIN olio lusso, Rodin has changed the face of the fashion world.

Rodin stopped by Forty Five Ten with pop artist Donald Robertson, and we all sat down for lunch. This wasn’t her first trip to Dallas, but it was 1974—both Linda and Dallas have changed tremendously since. Here’s what we chatted about:

1530 Main: Your career has evolved so much since you started. You’ve been a model, stylist, fashion editor. Did you image this was where you were going to end up?

Linda Rodin: I didn’t plan on being a model, started modeling because I moved to Italy in and it just kind of happened. I never wanted to be a model.  I wanted to be a photographer, but I was so bad. My sister kept telling me that I took lousy photos but always had great clothing for them. We thought, “maybe that’s a job,” but we had never heard the word stylist before. One thing led to another, and I started styling. I never had any of this, whether it was skincare or modeling, in mind.

1530: What made you decide to start a skincare line?

LR: I really didn’t really “decide” to start a skincare line. I decided to make an face oil because I couldn’t find anything on the market that I really liked. So I mixed a bunch of them together in a coffee mug in my bathroom, and here we are.

1530: Is the face oil your favorite product you’ve ever made?

LR: No, I continue to make things that I can’t find and love them all. I made a wonderful hand cream, a lip balm, a body oil. A candle. I only make things that I like, want, or need. I like to feel very clean. Coming soon a bath oil and a new perfume.

1530: Scent is such a personal preference, and yours all relate to your life. How do you decide how you want a perfume to smell?

LR: The first perfume I made, I met this adorable man who happened to be a perfumer at a trade show. He told me he loved the way my face oils smell, and made the exact scent for me. The second scent is a homage to my mom. It smells completely different—like a 1950s mom with cigarettes and Juicy Fruit gum in her pocket. I’m making a third one right now, it’ll be out next year. It’ll smell nothing like anyting else.

1530: You’re known for your style, as well as dressing other women. What’s the best piece of style advice you have ever received?

LR: Don’t listen to other people’s advice. Also, know what you look like. I wouldn’t look good in hot pants any more. I don’t look good in full length skirts because I’m so little. Know yourself and what looks good on you. I hate it when people in the store tell you something looks good on you. If you leave the house and feel uncomfortable then you picked the wrong outfit.

RODIN olio lusso is available at TenOverSix and Forty Five Ten.