January 18, 2016

Linda Rodin Does Dallas

When Linda Rodin was 18 and living in Italy, she accidentally became a model.

“I never wanted to be in front of the camera, though,” she says. “I wanted to be a photographer, but I was so bad. I took lousy photos, but always had the most beautiful clothing for them, and I realized maybe that could be my job.”

This epiphany launched a lengthy and respected career as a highly sought after stylist and editor at Harper’s Bazaar until Rodin’s next venture came along when the respected tastemaker concocted a face elixir that had her chic colleagues clamoring. But much like her earlier incarnations, her turn as a “beauty mogul” was also unplanned.

“I just couldn’t find a face oil on the market that I liked,” she explains. “So I mixed a bunch of them in a coffee mug in my bathroom, and here we are.”

Her skincare line, dubbed RODIN olio lusso, has since expanded to include perfumes, cleansing powders, lip balm, candles, and more. The natural oil-based products, which have won over the likes of Karlie Kloss and Cindy Crawford, are results-driven.

Now in her sixties, Rodin’s striking silver hair and signature shades are back in the fashion studio, where she’s landed modeling gigs for brands like Karen Walker and The Row. She also caught the attention of pop artist Donald Robertson, who began painting her.

“The first time I saw a picture of Linda, I became obsessed,” he says. “She’s so visual. When I see somebody I like, I steal their image and put them on paper.”

Rodin is frequently asked the secret to aging gracefully, to which she only has one pointer: “Don’t listen to other people’s advice,” she says. “Also, know what looks good on you. If you leave the house and feel uncomfortable, then you picked the wrong outfit.”