February 20, 2017

Locals Only

Our favorite designs from The Pin Show.

Saturday night’s ninth annual The Pin Show did not disappoint. If anything, it was the largest iteration to date—with more than 25 local designers taking over the entire 50,000 square foot Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum.

The fact that it nearly fills up the space is a credit to the strong fashion constituency in Dallas—people here take fashion seriously and the community supports emerging local talent.

One of the drawbacks to such a large event, is there’s almost too much to choose from—we peeped a lot of local designs over the span of three hours. It’s a grab bag of styles and genres (women’s, men’s and kid’s wear) and there’s no distinct “season,” everything from restort-swimwear to fur was modeled on the runway. So with that in mind, narrowing down the three best looks of the evening was difficult.

One of the best collections was from Falguni & Shane, represented by Indias Pop Up, an upscale e-boutique and sponsor of the show, which has offices in New York and Dallas. Price points for the collection hover around $1,000.  One of the stand-out pieces was a floor-length pleated skirt with the silhouette of a ballgown. It featured an ornate tapestry pattern, almost reminiscent of Faberge, done in predominately red, blue, and gold tones and topped with a black form-fitting, three-quarter sleeved top.  The top had a zip-up front and subtle patterns that mimicked those of the skirt. The overall feel was both contemporary and old world. 

K. Nicole showed a collection of eveningwear complete with lace, fringe, sequins, and tulle that was consistently modern, beautiful, and wearable despite the image those materials conjure. The most inventive piece was a sheer floor-length caftan in a smoky taupe color. With a wide, deep v-neck and a hem that split up the center to pelvis level, the garment enveloped the model like an ethereal raincloud that followed her effortlessly down the runway. Thrown over a black midriff tank and shiny vegan leather leggings, the look was wholly modern.

Fur, wool, and shorts aren’t usually mixed, but Radkeem Sims threw them all together in an eye-catching collection of menswear. His hyper masculine jackets were characterized by broad shoulders, bulk and structure, yet they were offset with fur elements that added a soft lushness to the collection. A favorite piece was a dove grey wool jacket with a stand collar and fluffy fur sleeves. Sims incorporated strap elements across the back of the jacket, not for any functional purpose, but the lines created visual depth and added an extra masculinity to the fur.

Honorable mention would have to be awarded to Alcantar and ZoMarquerite, which almost made the top three looks. Alcantar showed a collection of designs executed in a light neutral palette that were both flowy and structural. Structured pencil skirts and cutout midriff tops in heavy fabrics formed the base layer to sheer capes and caftans. ZoMarquerite, showed a cohesive collection of rainwear-inspired ponchos. The line was filled with brightly colored hooded jackets made from a patchwork of patterns and fabrics. The consistently oversized proportions in the hood, sleeves, and bodice, not to mention the bright reds, greens, and purples made these a fun and fanciful choice for outerwear.

If there’s one thing the Pin Show proved, Dallas is good at variety. There wasn’t one type of guest in attendance, audience members wore everything from floor length gowns, to jeans and stilettos to jogging shoes and shorts, and the designs on the runway reflected those varied tastes with a little something for everyone.