November 29, 2016

Make It to the Market

Eat your way through the Dallas Farmers Market.

You already know we’re mad for the Famers Market. Here’s a few irresistible eateries we keep going back to for seconds (and thirds).

Foie Gras Ice Cream

Cool Haus‘ first brick-and-mortar shop in the Market Shed has all sorts of classic ice cream flavors, but the Foie Gras was the clear winner to our taste tester panel. The strong flavor that tastes like peanut butter and jelly will almost have you forget what you’re actually eating.

Liquid Nourishment

Sick? Need to warm up? Just like soup? All of the above will have you craving Stocks and Bondy‘s selection of broths and soups. Infused with unusual flavors (try to the broth steeped in black tea), it’ll be your new warm-up tradition.

Street Tacos

We heard once that tacos solve everything. What? That’s not a common saying? We don’t believe you. Pair your favorite street tacos with guacamole and a Topo Chico for a well-rounded meal.

Tees from Bullzerk

Okay, so this isn’t edible. But you should look witty while you eat. Our favorite design proudly states “MY AA CENTER SERVES BOOZE.” Yeah buddy.