March 28, 2016

Making Tracks

Channel your inner Nicki Minaj

Deep Ellum has a reputation for turning out genre-defining musical acts (read more about it here􏰂􏰃). With a slew of recording and photography studios available to the public for rent, the aptly named Rockit Lab Studios is churning out acts that continue the neighborhood’s tradition.

Located on Main Street just steps from our favorite swing spot, Sons of Hermann Hall, Rockit attracts a steady stream of local and regional EDM (electronic dance music, for the uninitiated) and hip-hop artists.

A seemingly empty shell at first glance, the studio is stocked with rehearsal space, equipment rentals, digital support, and a staff of in-house producers who can auto-tune you into a pro.

Looking to spit some verses as you channel your inner Nicki Minaj? At $25 an hour, breaking into the industry might not be as hard as you think.

The Details: Rockit Lab Studios, 3401 B Main Street.