July 24, 2018


Five ways to weather the Texas summer

The Texas state bird is the mockingbird. It’s flower, the bluebonnet. And the official drink of Texas would have to be  the margarita. With temps in the triple digits again this week, it’s time for a few liquid reminders of why it’s great to live in/visit the Lonestar State.

The Coconut Margarita at Americano
It’s Cancun, by way of Calabria. This unexpected cocktail is wrong in all the right ways. Tequila, Mahina Coco, Sirop de Canne, and lime juice follow a margarita template, but with a tropical attitude. And yes, it pairs perfectly with pizza. We approve.

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The Platino Cliente at Wheelhouse

The Platino Caliente at Wheelhouse
Part of the new cocktail menu created with the help of the obsessively genius duo Cuffs & Buttons, this nods to Texas’ Tex-Mex heritage with silver tequila, fresh Serrano chili, lime juice, and herbaceous cilantro. As the name conveys, it’s spicy, but—thanks to simple syrup and mint—it’s sweet, too

The Watermelon Margarita at The Porch
Watermelon and Tajín—a classic Mexican refresher. The Henderson Avenue stalwart plays off this combo with its summer marg created by veteran bartender David Bautista. He starts with silver tequila, cointreau, and fresh-pressed watermelon and lime juice, then adds a splash of sweet agave and finishes with chili-lime salt rim.

The Frozen Margarita at El Ranchito
This Tex-Mex staple has been in business since 1983 and it’s not slowing with age. Just this week, it won D Magazine’s Best of Big D Award for “Best Tex-Mex.” What to pair with traditional guisos, asado de puerco, enchiladas, and fajitas? A giant chalice of frozen margarita—topped with an inverted Corona, no less. 

The Oilman Margarita at El Bolero
The Oilman Margarita at El Bolero

The Oilman Margarita at El Bolero
Everything about this margarita is ridiculously over-the-top, ten-gallon-hat Texan. For starters, there’s the name, Then, the price, $18. Then there’s the edible gold stars, the gold salt rim, the gold rock candy swizzle stick… Is it extra? Yes. Do we love that? Very much, yes.





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