September 4, 2018


VITAL Fitness Studio gets ready to tell it like it is

Progress can be an ambiguous target—especially when it comes to fitness. While measuring performance goals are great, it’s even better to celebrate the physical manifestations of hard work. But a number on a scale can’t tell the whole story.

To help you track your progress, VITAL Fitness Studio has acquired one of the world’s most precise fitness measuring systems, Fit3D. The machine takes a full-body, 35-second scan to create a three-dimensional model of your figure while compiling stats on your body shape, measurements, weight, balance, and posture. The first scan might be a little intimidating—don’t worry, results are kept completely private—but you’ll start to reap the rewards after the second, third, and fourth scans that display your accomplishments.

“The Fit3D scans have the most impact when you do them in a series,” says VITAL Fitness Studio manager Caitlin Costa. “They help you stay motivated and honest with yourself. They’re like a truth serum.”

To celebrate the introduction of the new technology, VITAL Fitness Studio is launching an exclusive 12-week program on Monday, September 10. Members who sign up will receive 4 full-body scans, admission to 8 educational workshops at the studio, and other perks. (Workshops will be held every Saturday at 2 p.m. starting September 15 and cover a range of subjects from nutrition to injury prevention to meditation. Plus, complete all 4 body scans and you’ll be registered to win a raffle. The grand prize hasn’t been announced, but we heard rumors it’s pretty, well…grand.

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street. September 10–December 29. $40 for members; sign up in person at the studio. Not a member yet? Get your first month of unlimited classes with Fit3D scan for $99.( $150 each additional month with 4-month minimum commitment.)