April 17, 2017

Meet Celia Eberle

The local multimedia artist making (literal) noise on the national scene

“I love Dallas artists,” says Celia Eberle with conviction. “They are all strivers in the best sense of the term. They make Dallas a dynamic place to work.” One could certainly make the same assessment of Eberle. The Dallas stalwart is among the pioneers who have made the city increasingly attractive to artists and collectors. Her multimedia work has been shown at prestigious institutions, including the Dallas Museum of Art and the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, but home base is Dallas’ Cris Worley Gallery.

For her 2015 show The Mythology of Love, Eberle covered two walls of the space with 58 handcrafted raku bats. At once haunting and beautiful, the piece The Night Has a Thousand Eyes looked at the way symbols are subject to cultural context. In Western culture, bats are often associated with evil. In Japan, they’re seen as a good omen. These are the kind of slippages Eberle likes to explore. She lets the concept lead and the materials become a vehicle for her ideas.

Eberle is currently working on a large installation that will serve as a unique concert platform for a group of Austin-based musicians with whom she’s collaborating. “My plan is to have a DJ play original music for an end-times dance party,” Eberle says. “I don’t have a venue yet. I’ll build it and hope someone opens the door and lets it in.” —Kat Herriman