May 8, 2017

Meet Keer Tanchak

The local painter currently showing at the Dallas Contemporary

Painter Keer Tanchak‘s name has been on the tip of many tongues thanks to her solo show at the Dallas Contemporary alongside artists Pia Camil and Ambreen Butt. Drawing inspiration from figurative work of French Rococo painters like François Boucher and Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Tanchak illustrates how historical moments can help us understand what is happening today, from interiors and fashion to ideas surrounding self-representation.

Keer Tanchak
Keer Tanchak

The subjects of her paintings often take the backseat to her brushwork, which sits on the surface of the canvas in careful blobs and wild streaks. The results are often whimsical and feminine, not unlike her Baroque source material. Her asymmetrically shaped canvases often evoke portals to another, dreamier dimension.

Characterizing her own work, Tanchak worries less about reaching specific conclusions than focusing on the inherent learning process. “My favorite paintings have been unexpected, and arise out of situations I can never replicate or anticipate,” she says. “I’m conscious of this whenever I start working, so as to not have many expectations beforehand.”

The Vancouver-born transplant has made a lot of headway since her move to Dallas four years ago, and one can expect another leap forward as the museum show exposes her work to a wider audience. “I love Dallas,” says Tanchak. “I get to interact with a super- friendly, internationally diverse art community.” —Kat Herriman 

The Details: Tanchak’s exhibit “Soft Orbit” will be on display at the Dallas Contemporary through August 20. 1617 Glass Street.