April 2, 2019


Mother Beverage – A sparkling beverage to improve health (and hangovers)

You’ve heard of apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a remedy for all that ails you. It has a cult following by celebrities and those in health and wellness circles, praising it as a cure-all for everything from improved digestion and immunity to clearer skin.

But if you’ve ever taken a shot of it alongside your daily alkalizing lemon water, you know its bitter taste leaves much to be desired. Enter shrubs: ACV drinks infused with a variety of herbs and fruits.

Dallas-based couple Allison and Stephen Ellsworth began drinking ACV to improve their health but saw a need the market for palatable vinegar-based beverages. They created Mother Beverage in a variety of flavors, including Lime Ginger, Raspberry Rose, and Blue Berry Sage. Each lightly carbonated drink contains only a few ingredients, all of which are organic. And every bottle contains a full tablespoon serving of ACV. We’ll drink to that. —Emily Rueggeberg

The Details: Find Mother Beverage in The Hotel Shop by 4510/SIX, 1530 Main Street.