December 5, 2017

Mystical Muse

A new year calls for crystals, purifying sage, and a little magic

Mixed-media Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani’s energy is contagious. You hear it in the in ections of her voice and see it in her vibrant work. Fortuitously, her Persian name translates to “sunshine.” That force is just one element she uses to power her colorful, three-dimensional Shamstone “crystals.” Each sculpture is one-of-a-kind, hand-cast from resin and filled with all manner of botanicals—from mosses and insects to dried flower pods and shapely leaves.

The multiple layers make these enchanting decorative objects distinctive, but their ability to radiate from within and emit light—day or night—is what’s most remarkable, especially in wintry months when any form of the sun’s shine is welcome.

“The most fun thing about Shamstones is that they have different properties—they glow in the dark and they’re fluorescent,” says Roomiani. The roughly five-inch-tall stones harness solar energy when perched on a windowsill, but even a pass over a lightbulb will fuel the flicker. If you want to trip out fully on the kaleidoscope of colors each Shamstone possesses, switch on a blacklight. The result is “rainbow psychedelic all over the place and coming out full force.”

While her crystal light sculptures provide otherworldly ambience, the artist’s mystical smudging wands are meant to cleanse spaces of bad energy. Though lacking scientific proof of their power to banish negative vibes, they undoubtedly bring joy and give off divine scents.

With irresistible names like Unicorn Wand and Good Vibes, they’re packed with an assortment of organic ingredients—cedar, white sage, sacred Palo Santo wood, rose—which Roomiani bundles in her home studio. Each wand includes a sparkly beeswax candle or a crystal bound by bright twine. There’s one hitch: they’re almost too pretty to burn. Almost. —Holly Jefferson

The Details: Meet Shamsy! We’re hosting a free workshop at TenOverSix. Saturday, December 16, Noon–4 p.m. Plus, see Shamsy’s current exhibition, Hydroplantics, at The Safe Room at Texas Theater, 231 West Jefferson Boulevard. Through the end of December.