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February 14, 2018


Manis and pedis—delivered right to your door

Timesaving conveniences are everything. With one click you can conjure a souped-up bowl of ramen and a sixer of Sapporo, summon a car service, or unwind with a massage. But there’s been something missing: manis and pedis—for woman and men. Cheers to Cherry for thinking ahead and for cleaning up our act with on-demand manicurists. For more, we chatted with Cherry co-creator, Amber Venz Box.

Amber Venz Box
Amber Venz Box

As a new, working mom, there is never time to get my nails done during salon hours. I’m constantly traveling for business, and as the face of my company, I’m expected to maintain a polished look. I found a nail technician who was willing to come to my house at crazy hours—after bedtime or before an early morning flight—and she became a regular in our home. Getting your nails done should not have to be such a complicated event, so we created Cherry.

That’s a game changer.
We live in an on-demand society; consumers expect convenience. A service can be ordered anywhere, anytime without wasting time in transit, parking or waiting in line at the salon.

What about color choices?
Whitney Wolfe Herd, one of the Cherry co-founders, and I, spent time selecting a palette of colors that women love. We offer ten hues: whites, pinks, reds… all the way to black. Today, red is the most popular selection. But, a Cherry Pro will apply any color provided by clients.

No water is used during appointments, correct? How’s that work?
Correct! All Cherry Pros use keratin-filled gloves and socks to moisten and prepare the nail for service. This process is more hygienic, more efficient, and leaves no mess—making it perfect for the home or office.

Are you a classic manicure girl or do you prefer gel? What color are you rocking right now?
Gel on fingers and toes! Having two little ones running around, I need the durability of gel. My go-to color is “Dance Class.”

Without being a name-dropper, we hear you have quite the clientele.
It’s true. We have news anchors, big-name bloggers, NBA wives, magazine editors, and TV stars. Cherry is already a favorite of the Dallas social set.

The Details: Download the Cherry app and skip the waitlist with the code 1530.