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June 4, 2019


(Drop top)

This week, Nike’s highly anticipated collaboration with the influential Japanese brand, Undercover, will make its way to niche sneaker shops, opportunistic resellers—and now, Forty Five Ten.

Few fashion categories garner as much hype as men’s sneakers, specifically the limited-edition release collabs between Nike and various artists, fashion designers, and athletes.

These are the drops people line up for, enter raffles to purchase, and call in just about every favor they can conjure. While we’ve long been a source for luxury men’s sneakers—Balenciaga, Gucci, Common Projects…—we’ve only recently launched our limited-edition Nike drops. First up was last month’s hyper-imaginative Mars Yards Overshoe by the space-obsessed artist Tom Sachs.

Now, the focus turns from outer space to equally imaginative world of Jun Takahashi’s Undercover. The award-winning designer is a champion of the Japanese design school, which includes Junya Wantanabe, Nigo of BAPE, and Rei Kawakubo (Takahashi’s mentor).

The Nike x Undercover Daybreak was first teased on the SS19 runway at Paris Fashion Week. Arriving in two colorways, it plays off a nostalgic ’80s trainer silhouette. True to Japanese form, the proportion and texture are manipulated via a subtle angular extension at the heel and mixed suede and nylon fabrics. It supplies visual interest, while still being super wearable for summer. Just add shorts!

The release is limited; click here for details on how you can sign up for a chance to purchase your pair when they arrive on Friday, June 7.

The Details: Forty Five Ten. Complimentary valet at the 1608 Elm Street Motor Court. Nike x Undercover Daybreak available in black and blue, $160.