September 3, 2017

Now Landing

Le Labo City Exclusives fragrances have arrived

Perhaps it was the scent of leather and vetiver in Dubai, or vanilla and bergamot in Paris. You found a fragrance that captured the moment and embodied the city, imprinting on your memory like an olfactive postcard. And then it was gone.

Le Labo created its exclusive city collection to celebrate some of the perfumer’s most loved cities. Each fragrance captures the spirit of its home—and is only available for purchase there. That’s right. No online or phone orders, no international shipping, no clandestine shipments. If you want Poivre 23, you best book a flight to London. That is, until now.

Once a year, Le Labo allows the city exclusives to travel—a fragrance caravan of sorts. For the month of September, you’ll find all 11 city scents at Le Labo’s downtown location and Forty Five Ten. Among the most coveted: the new Mousse De Chene 30, a mossy patchouli tribute to Amsterdam. September also marks the return of Dallas’ Aldehyde 44, a polarizing floral composition that reportedly has had some fans make travel plans just to pick up a bottle. And if you’re feeling a little like a lost tourist—ask for Carlos. Like the best kind of city guide, he knows all the ins and outs.

The Details: Le Labo, 1604 Main Street. 214.261.4595. Also available at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street.