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February 13, 2019

Oh-So Dallas

Smell like money with an exclusive fragrance you won’t find anywhere else

To celebrate some of its most-loved destinations, perfumer Le Labo created the City Exclusives collection. Each fragrance captures the spirit of its neighborhood—and is only available for purchase in that city. That’s right. No online or phone orders, no international shipping, no clandestine deliveries. 

When Barneys closed at NorthPark in 2012 and Le Labo fragrance mixers poured the last drops of Aldehyde 44, everyone expected Dallas’ signature fragrance to disappear forever. However, in 2017 it made a comeback at Forty Five Ten—the perfume house’s only fragrance to ever be retired and brought back. 

Aldehyde 44 is also Le Labo’s only fragrance that incorporates the narcissus flower (which we think is so Dallas). It has a light, effervescent quality to it—musky but clean, approachable but deeply mysterious. 

“It brings to mind this image of a woman getting dressed at her vanity,” says one of Aldehyde’s most recognized wearers local fragrance aficionado Carlos Hernandez. “You get this waft of her expensive cosmetics mixing with her diamonds and pearls to create an incredibly rich vibrancy. She may be dressed up and has this bit of glamor about her and a lot of hairspray in her hair—but she’s going to Deep Ellum, or somewhere grungy.” 

The dichotomy is a perfect encapsulation of Dallas as a city. “It epitomizes both our culture and the art of perfumery,” says Hernandez. “Aldehyde smells like how being in Mirador feels; it’s a crystalline box atop a fashion monument. There’s a lot of light coming through, there’s velvet-appointed rooms, there’s champagne on tap… It’s indulgent.” —Hilary Lau