March 28, 2017

On The Dailey

Five minutes with Forty Five Ten Home Creative Director Rob Dailey

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 1.54.16 PMThe original Forty Five Ten location on McKinney Avenue reopened its doors earlier this month to unveil its new identity: For Home. Curated by Home Creative Director Rob Dailey, the 8,000-square-foot store has been redone top to bottom and is devoted entirely to furnishing and decor. The new concept highlights world-renowned designers, previously available only to professionals via their Dallas Design District showrooms. Among the names you’ll find Jan Showers, Emily Summers, Allan Knight, Peacock Alley, and George Cameron Nash. The new edit is modern, traditional, inspired, and unexpected.

So with everything that’s new, what remains? T Room, the neighborhood’s top lunch spot, and the iconic “Happiness is Expensive” neon sign over the door (naturally). For more on the recent developments, we talked to Dailey directly.

Tell us how For Home came together.
“When Brian Bolke first approached me about helping him with a home store concept for Forty Five Ten, we started discussing the amazing design community right here in Dallas—the many internationally known brands that had never been available to the retail market and those that had, but not in a comprehensive way. We set out to showcase these local firms by asking them to create and curate collections especially for our new concept.”

How long did it take for things to develop?
“Brian and I started discussing the possibilities about a year and a half ago.  Once we had our concept down, I visited all the designers and told them about this crazy-fun idea I’d love to talk to them about. We all had a blast working on the project. The creative energy ran high with all these talented folks creating an out-of-the-box scenario.”

Where do you to find inspiration for unexpected interiors?
“All over the place: my travels, conversations about current affairs, foods that I love, even a trip to the grocery store! I find that being open to the world of possibilities makes every day inspiring and fulfilling.”

Is there a brand you’re particularly excited about offering?
“All of them! It’s a new way to see these wonderfully talented designers all collected under one roof.”