March 20, 2017

On View: Daniel Arsham

Obsidian Eroded Movie Camera 2013 

What: DANIEL ARSHAM. Obsidian Eroded Movie Camera 2013.
Obsidian fragments, pulverized glass, hydrostone.

Where: Currently on display in the The Joule near the Lobby Bar

About: Based in New York, Daniel Arsham is a multi-talented artist, working in sculpture, live performance, painting, and film. Architecture (and its dissolution) is a common theme in his work—eroded walls, crumbling objects, and structural contradictions challenge the observer’s understanding of the space around them.

As part of an ongoing series, Arsham has produced hundreds of modern artifacts—cell phones, cameras, film reels—in obsidian, volcanic ash, and carbon dust. Objects, whose eventual obsoleteness is inherent, become pseudo-artifacts from an imagined post-apocalyptic dig. The pieces simultaneously call to mind the future and the past with elements of playfulness and surrealism—Arsham signatures. The knobs, buttons, and textured surfaces on this particular Mitchell camera show the artist’s attention to detail, which is perhaps amplified because he is almost entirely colorblind.

Arsham’s work has been shown at PS1 in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, The Athens Bienniale in Athens, Greece, The New Museum In New York, Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, California and Carré d’Art de Nîmes, France. In 2007, he co-founded the collaborative design firm Snarkitecture, which has been commissioned to create public art installations for everything from fashion house runways to the Miami Marlins ballpark. His first major public installation as a solo artist, Moving Figure, is scheduled to be unveiled later this week in Dallas’ District.