December 17, 2015

Over Indulgent

Going bottoms up might not be so bad for you after all…

Wine goes hand-in-hand with fruitcake and family squabbles in the catalogue of holiday mainstays. Luckily, that cabernet is good for more than just getting us through those aforementioned un-pleaseantries. The oft-touted health benefits of drinking red wine range from helping lower the chances of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes to slowing the aging process (It’s all about the resveratrol, a polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes that is thought to have antioxidant properties.) So feel free to partake in that second glass guilt-free. We won’t judge.

And if you are abstaining this season (we’re sorry) there a few other ways to incorporate resveratrol into your daily routine.

Slather It: Biologique Recherche’s recently launched Crème Contour Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine may have a fancy name, but results are serious. The cream utilizes viniferin, an antioxidant obtained via enzymatic bioconversion of resveratrol, to lift and firm the skin, plump up wrinkled areas, and restore hydration to tired skin.

Apply twice a day to your face and décolleté to get a fountain of youth glow. This product, and others chock-full of resveratrol, are all available at The Spa at The Joule.

Swallow It: If you’re looking to get a concentrated amount of Resveratrol in your system, supplements are your best bet. Available at healthy lifestyle focused stores like Whole Foods, you can take the supplement anytime, with or without food.