August 3, 2015

Confession: I Had My Palm Read and Liked It.

The lowdown on our editor’s lines.

Cerina Wrye, high priestess at The Labyrinth Metaphysical Herbal Apothecary, isn’t your stereotypical witch. The petit blonde with a strong Southern accent feels more Steel Magnolias than Hocus Pocus at first meeting—but that doesn’t mean her services aren’t in high demand—I waited two months before I had the chance to sit at her table and hear about my future.

During that downtime, naysayers filled my mind with skepticism. Yes, she had my full name—a quick Google search would provide her with more than enough information to fill our 30-minute session with accurate “predictions.” And was I planning on cleansing my aura before I went in for the meeting? Well, no, since frankly I’m not even sure what an aura is.

I waited patiently for my turn with Wrye, finally stopping by her lilac shop off Greenville Avenue during the magic hour for an aura, tarot, and palm reading. She had a lot to say during our sitting (which she encouraged me to record)—some of it uncannily accurate, others, not so much. And while I don’t think she Googled me pre-session, I couldn’t help but think that she was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. That’s right—according to my new favorite psychic, I’m going to be lucky in love, life, and my career. Sounds like a charmed life.

On Love

“You haven’t met the love of your life yet, but there is an opportunity coming up to meet him. There will be a gathering, though I’m not sure if it’s work related or not, and you need to attend it. You turn down too many invitations, and you need to stop doing that. There will be a man who comes up and talks to you first—that’s how you’ll know he’s special. In the past you’ve dating people that were incredibly wrong for you because they had a cold heart and weren’t as stable or responsible as you needed them to be. What will strike you about this guy is that he’s down to earth and very well educated. He will introduce himself, get your number, and then you won’t see him for a while, and he will randomly strike up a conversation with you. Of course, you’re going to be a skeptic at first. But you’ll be finally mesmerized by somebody, and he’s going to be your match, which is saying something since you’re a Leo.”

On Life

“You have such a mystic hand, I am surprised you can’t do any spiritual reading yourself. You’ve got a very long lifeline—but the line severs about halfway through your life. That doesn’t mean that you won’t live long, but that you’re going to change paths. You’re very opinionated, and you’re not afraid to let people know what you think—you get that from your grandmother. You have a lot of mystic crosses on your hand, under the judgment finger, which is the finger of Saturn. That means you’re very intuitive; you need to trust your gut more often. You’re also very sensitive to lunar energy. You’re going to have a long relationship with the man you marry, and if you have children, it’ll only be one. I can only see one child in your palm, and I can’t tell if it will be a boy or a girl, but you’ll have it between the ages of 28 and 30.”

On Work

“When you first walked into the room, I could feel some pressing energy related to work surrounding you. Everything is telling me you are the kind of person who has a plan when it comes to your career, and you need to stick to that. You’re facing some challenges professionally, but you’re going to excel at them. Do you write? I’m telling you—there’s a writer in you. You need to start submitting stories. Your ancestors have a lot to do with your writing, and you should write something about them. I see you writing a novel, and when you do, I want you to send it to me.”

My Aura

“Your aura is a lot of reddish-pink, telling me that love is something that you’re questioning a lot. There’s a little purple, which shows me you’re also a creative person. The work area is bright green, which means that you’re growing a lot professionally. It says keep your ambition high, and keep putting out your dreams to the gods, angels, and spirits. You’ll reach those goals if you do that.”

The Details: The Labyrinth Metaphysical Herbal Apothecary is located at 5618 Bell Avenue. For more on the shop itself, click here. To schedule an appointment with Cerina, dial 214.823.1963.