May 18, 2016

Party On

Our favorite bars within 5 miles of The Joule.


Midnight Rambler. If you’re feeling seriously lazy, you’re in luck! You can enjoy craft cocktails without even leaving the premises. Housed in the basement of The Joule, Midnight Rambler’s creators Christy Pope and Chad Solomon were inspired by Max’s Kansas City when they designed this sexy bar. 1530 Main Street. 

1.0 MILE

Drugstore Cowboy. This Deep Ellum space likes to multi-task. Coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night, it’s also a good spot to hear local poetry, comedy and more. (Flip side: if you’re looking for a private place to tuck in, this might not be the best choice.) 2721 Main Street.


Lee Harvey’s. Named after Dallas’ most infamous (alleged) murderer, the best spot in this joint is at a picnic table next to the fire. There’s typically Mumford and Sons-esque type live music outside and a jukebox indoors ready for your quarters. 1807 Gould Street. 


Grapevine Bar. Inside this bar you’ll see many things. Drag queens. Frat bros playing basketball in the backyard half court. People having the time of their lives (and occasionally, falling out of their chairs.) These are just some of the reasons we love this bar. Also, the view of Dallas is pretty killer from the rooftop. 3902 Maple Avenue. 


Small Brewpub. If craft beer is your thing, this is your place to go. (And for those of you who are more on the cocktail train, they’ve got that, too.) Even better, post-drinks muchies will be taken care of by the awesome food menu. 333 West Jefferson Boulevard.


Knuckle Sandwich. Recently opened by the crew behind Parliament, this is a sandwiches (duh) and cocktails place. Cool and casual combo that we’re totally in to. 3619 Greenville Avenue.