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May 19, 2018


Five favorites from Tenoversix

Vases. (Do cool kids even call them that?) The category has expanded way beyond the lead crystal types to include pieces that are are dynamic and exciting as the blooms they hold. Our favorite floral aficionado, Kyle Branch, shares his favorites from Tenoversix.

Banana Vase, $800
“Who doesn’t need a massive vase with a big banana on it?  This vase made in collaboration with Fabian Cappello is one of my favorites; all of his stuff is amazing!

Flora Ceramic Vase, $258
“An Aesthetic Pursuit makes the most perfect, simple ceramic vases for any home. This smaller vase with a spout makes any arrangement fun.  The Brooklyn-based brand also makes beautiful furniture that mirrors simplicity and youthfulness of its vases.

Balarama Pot, $65 
“Technically not a vase, but OMG. Everyone needs at least one. I have one at home and it just makes me laugh. You can put another vessel inside to arrange florals or  simply plant in it. I keep cat toys in mine.” 🐱
“Reinaldo is an incredible artist working  in a gestural style that feels both new and old. This is one of the few pieces of his that I’ve seen including text. I just love the shape and the colors.”
” BZippy is on everyone’s lips now.  I’m obsessed with this cyan blue glaze. It’s such a minimal vase, but so special. The designer, Bari Ziperstein, looks to a lot of political movements and has done a number of shows revolving around the Cold War and feminism.”
The Details: Tenoversix, 1511 Commerce Street. Complimentary valet.