April 6, 2016

Pink House

It’s Pimp My House, Samantha McCurdy style.

There’s something reactive about the color pink. Whether you’re a fan of the color a la Barbie, or avoid it at all costs (hello), the newest project by local artist Samantha McCurdy is  not to be missed.

Titled “Pink House,” the project is at first glance—literally—a pink house. McCurdy teamed up with Joseph Steffen and Dan Rodriguez (aka Dallas-based designers Dan & Joseph) to transform their home from everyday cool to a project further exploring femininity, gender, and the power of color.

“We have always talked about doing a color-themed show and have really wanted to work with Sam,” Joseph says. “When she mentioned she wanted to do a pink show, it was amazing because it was already something in the front of our minds.”

But when it came to picking exactly what shade of pink the 1920s bungalow-style home would be lacquered in, the process wasn’t so easy.

“There were not enough shades of pink at Home Depot,” Dan says. “And we didn’t really find any of them inspiring.”

It was a new frock at TenOverSix, designed by Isa Arfen, that sparked McCurdy’s imagination.

“It’s this bright, amazing, vibrant pink,” she says. “I like my color references to relate back to my life. That means finding something that’s currently out in the world and translating it back to my work.”

The custom color has now been dubbed “Pink House Pink” by the trio.

It took 8 gallons of Pink House Pink to cover all of the floors, an entire room, the kitchen cabinets, back porch, and front door of Dan and Joseph’s home.

“The color is amazing, because it’s continually changing,” Joseph says. In addition to the new paint job, McCurdy has created 4 matching monochromatic pieces to hang inside the house, and an outlying lavender one.

“While I don’t consider myself a very feminine artist, I’m calling this a show for the ladies,” McCurdy says. “I want to dive deeper into my womanhood.”

Going along with that theme, there will be champagne and cotton candy for guests, plus a bubble bath continually running during the party.

“The bubble bath adds a playful, naughty component to the party,” Sam says. “You never know, after a few glasses of champagne maybe somebody will climb in.”

And while it might be taking place on a Sunday, we suggest you make like the Mean Girls for this show and wear pink.

The Details: The Pink House opening party is going down this Sunday, April 10, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. 801 Sunset Avenue, RSVP at rsvp@pinkhouseshow.com. After the opening reception  it will be open by appointment only.