April 15, 2019


Enter the fancy and foul world of Vulgar Tea Cups

It started with one tea cup. Local mom Caitlin Schart (looking for a creative outlet and a break from parenting) posted a perfectly lovely vintage china cup emblazoned with a very imaginative curse on Etsy in September 2017.

It was quickly swooped up and the special requests started pouring in. Vulgar Tea Cups was born. “The speed that it’s grown is overwhelming,” says Schart. “It’s beyond the realm of what I thought would happen.”

To convey the pretty-but-punk theme of this year’s The Eye Ball, Vulgar Tea Cups was commissioned by Headington Companies to create over 800 tea cups with hand-finished phrases. Some of the brand’s best-sellers—”Bitch, Please” and “You’ve Been Poisoned”—were rounded out by exclusive phases created for the event, including “The Eye Ball? Brilliant” and “You Lovely Piece of Art” (a nod to the Dallas Art Fair).

Schart’s “studio” is the third bedroom of her home and she does most everything by hand. (“I like to make the script really delicate and machines can’t get it that thin.”) Most of the delicate tea cups and pots she finds are vintage, sourced from antique malls, eBay, and the flea markets in Canton, Texas.

One new trend on the rise: clients sending their own vintage tea sets to be vulgarized. “It’s become really popular,” she says. “People love keeping their heirlooms, but making them feel relevant.”

Some may be offended by Vulgar Tea Cup’s dirty words and Schart says that’s totally ok. “People might get offended, but that’s the point. If you don’t get it, it’s just not for you.” One thing that everyone can love: a portion of all proceeds go to local women’s and children’s organization. Fuck yeah.

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