November 7, 2017

Punched Up

Hitting the gym—literally

Pent-up frustrations, road rage, general anxiety—short of therapy, there’s no better way to banish a bad mood than a good workout. But if your routine has become a bit of a drag, VITAL Fitness Studio’s new class format may be the you need. Taught by personal trainer and boxing pro David Andrews, the class mixes together cardio, boxing fundamentals, and core work to increase endurance, teach self-defense, and hone your mental focus. (Also, you get to punch things.)

Hailing from London, Andrews is a new transplant to the city. He started boxing when he was only ten years old. As a professional, he became a head coach for the Amateur Boxing Association of England, training fighters for sparring and tournaments. Now, he’s taking pro-level fundamentals from the ring and applying them to fitness classes for all. “From mental and physical training and self-dense to improved eye-hand coordination and balance, there’s no limit to the benefits of boxing,” says Andrews. “It’ll even make you a better dancer.”

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street. $25 per class. Also available as part of a class package or for monthly members.