March 21, 2016

Read Between the Lines

This Victory Park shop isn’t to be missed.

Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Birthdays. Monday.

Finding the right card for a special occasion (or just because) can be difficult. And for those of us who like a little snark and sass in our life, Hallmark’s productions are just plain cheesy. Dallas-based Melinda Jones gets it—and Read Between the Lines is her solution.

“I wanted to write words that moved people to braveness of the heart or a better day,” Jones says. “I wanted to print them on paper so good it would make you sigh with the yum of it all.”

Her card line, which is produced on a vintage letterpress right here in Dallas, states everything from “I’m feeling tipsy and fresh” to “Old and hot” and “You are my bucket list.” Eventually, Jones expanded the line to include prints, napkins, wine bags, and more emblazoned with the same phrases.

Almost a year ago to the day, Read Between the Lines’ first brick-and-motor shop opened next to V.O.D. in Victory Park. Packed inside is the shop’s eponymous line, plus other Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy favorites like journals from Rifle and Paper Co., highball glasses from Easy, Tiger, and even more cards to celebrate any and every occasion.

The Details: Shop Read Between the Lines online here, or stop by their shop at 2412 Victory Park Lane.