September 11, 2017

Recommended Read

Egon Schiele: The Complete Paintings 1909–1918  

Sometimes there’s wisdom in consensus. Case in point: when we stopped by the Taschen Library at The Joule and asked, “what’s good?” not one, but two staffers came to the same conclusion.

 “Who doesn’t love a little melancholy in the afternoon? Egon Schiele: The Complete Paintings 1909-1918 is one of my favorite books in the library. Schiele died in 1918 at only 28 years old—just hitting his stride before his unfortunate death. Yet, he still managed to be one of the most prolific and interesting artists of the 20th century. His figures were distorted, challenging, and provocative—a reflection of his own particular brand of beauty. Schiele believed that every artist should be a poet, so in addition to his art, this book contains his letters and poetry. In one he writes: “I am human, I love death and love life.”  —Pierre Krause

 “The cover grips your attention, hinting at much more inside. After heaving it over to a table—the XXL book is over 600 pages—I paused on every page of gestural figure drawings with expressive hands and haunting eyes. This book showcases a body of work so captivating, it’s shocking to learn it holds a mere 9 years-worth of the artist’s drawings, writings, and paintings. Schiele’s heavy emphasis on line has always inspired my own sketches, though I could never successfully mimic the dark and distorted mood of his subjects. Truly one of a kind, Egon Schiele exhibits the young painter’s unique legacy in a fittingly substantial format.” —Brigid Vaughn 

The Details: Available at Taschen Library at The Joule, 1530 Main Street, $200. Find more staff favorites on Instagram @taschenlibrarydallas.

Photo | Taschen