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September 20, 2018


Kissing plastics and pollutants goodbye

In a world where we’re making efforts to consume smarter, toss less, and value quality over quantity, Parisian beauty brand La Bouche Rouge is leading the charge in an industry that has been notoriously wasteful.

Cosmetic manufacturing is the second most polluting industry, responsible for a large portion of consumed and discarded plastics. Case in point: every year, over 1 billion lipsticks are simply thrown away.

To reduce this ever-growing footprint, La Bouche Rouge set out to design the world’s first sustainable, eco-friendly, and elegantly refillable lipstick. Designing founder Ezra Petronio and his team fashioned the case out of the most precious leather they could find: a double vegetable-tanned leather (used by Hermès) that adds a touch of luxe to your daily routine.

Though the brand’s name directly translates to “the red mouth”, its line of lipsticks arrive in 17 shades that span the spectrum—from nudes and pinks to, their most popular, bright reds—and coordinate flawlessly with an inclusive range of  skin tones.

While the case is made sans plastic, so is the formula itself. Pure and 100% organic, it’s blended without microplastics or powdered pigments, yet still provides a last-all-day wear. And to help further its clean water mission, La Bouche Rouge is putting its money where your mouth is. For every lipstick sold, the brand supplies 100 liters of safe drinking water to the Eau Vive Internationale association, as part of a program for children in Togo.

The Details: Shop the collection at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. $160 for the starter kit with case and color; $38 for refillable bullets.