August 18, 2016

Cheater’s Juice Cleanse

Aka the Raw Foodie Cleanse from Roots Juices.

I do not like juice cleanses. But what I do like is a good story—even better when it’s one where I lose 6 pounds. So when I stumbled upon the Roots Pressed Juices Raw Foodie Cleanse, I was intrigued. Can I have my food and cleanse too?

Here’s how the Raw Foodie Cleanse is different than your run-of-the-mill juice purge—each of your daily 5 juices is paired with a raw food snack. So while everything you’re consuming is still super-clean (gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO), you still get to chew. Sounds like my sort of cleanse.

After a weekend of sufficiently toxifying my body, I picked up my three-day supply from Roots Juices on Oak Lawn (torture because it’s next to Lucky’s Diner). In one bag I had my supply of juices (Everything Juice, Greenology, Heath Nut Almond Milk, Wake Up, and Watermelon Cooler) and the other was stocked with my raw treats: oatmeal, Gogi berries, kale chips, and granola bars. I was even supplied with with a nifty refrigerator bag that fit all of my juices and snacks. Cute.

On the way out, founder Brent Rodgers offered me a round of Super Booster shots to get me started. Y’all, dandelion juice is pretty much the worst tasting thing ever. After that, I knew I could definitely do this.

Three days later, I had completed the cleanse with few obstacles. Once again, it was hard for me to finish every bottle of juice—that’s just a lot of liquid in one day. And even though there was food involved in this diet, I still found myself light-headed occasionally (I may or may not have run into a sconce post-facial at The Spa). Luckily, I had a bag full of snacks to stave off the hangry cravings. The oatmeal, which was paired with the Heath Nut charcoal and almond juice was definitely my favorite pairing—the Everything Juice, which has jalapeño in it, was just too spicy for me.

Oh, and did I mention I lost four pounds? That means I have four pounds of tacos to eat today.

The Details: Learn more or get a cleanse of your own at Roots Pressed Juices, 3527 Oak Lawn Avenue.