October 17, 2019


Forty Five Ten launches an exclusive collab with designer Sandy Liang

New York-based designer Sandy Liang is best known for her creative, cool, Lower East Side vibes. We love her tulle dresses, live in her teddy fur fleeces, and covet her neon hoodies. So, naturally we were excited to hear she’s has partnered with Forty Five Ten on an exclusive capsule collection!

With standout pieces like a sheer turtleneck, cropped anorak with tulle skirt, and an ethereal tulle top in bright pink, the collection represents Liang’s signatures. “We took our classic styles and updated them in a hyper playful way for the collab,” she says.



For more, we chatted with the designer herself…

How much does New York influence your aesthetic as a designer?
It influences the way I design and work in every way. My family, friends, and neighborhood directly affect what I’m into and what’s moving me. Inspirations change from time to time, but there are several key things that stay consistent for me.

How did you feel when you went to the Forty Five Ten store in New York and saw your collection?
I love the way things are merchandised—it really makes me feel understood as a designer. Since we’re a smaller brand, it’s so important to feel supported. The way we are displayed with the other brands speaks to me as a designer and also as a shopper.

Your style is always at the forefront of what’s cool—where do you look for inspiration to stay ahead?
Really it’s just what makes me happy. Sometimes it’s already out there, sometimes it’s a memory or feeling that will trigger something. It’s pretty funny how no matter what new thing I’m into, I always seem to fall back to the same inspirations and ideas that I had when I launched the brand.

Many of your pieces (particularly the fleeces) have become massively popular with both guys and girls. Was that your initial hope or a happy surprise?
I always design with the intention that my pieces—the outerwear especially—are unisex. I think finally calling it unisex made it easier for guys to start trying them on. Maybe they wouldn’t have before?

Your show a lot of gender/age/race diversity in your brand imagery. Do you think that’s more important to you as an Asian American designer?
Yes, yes, yes!  I want to show off what I find beautiful in the everyday.

Do you have a favorite piece from the exclusive collab?
I love the Bakery tee!

The Details: Shop Sandy Liang x 4510/SIX online and in store at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. For more of Liang’s world, follow along on Instagram