October 17, 2018


Why Mirador is the new destination on Saturdays

Here’s something to consider about Mirador. When you factor in how the morning light streams through, how nice it is to brunch and shop on a Saturday, and how tough it is to get a flawless omelet in this city—it’s literally a crime that Mirador hasn’t been doing brunch all along.

Happy to announce that Executive Chef Josh Sutcliff and his team are rectifying the situation. Starting this Saturday, brunch is on full-tilt. The menu features include the Everything Brunch Bagel (topped with sausage, bacon marmalade, eggs, and cheddar) and buttermilk pancakes with house-made butter and candied pecans. There’s also a delightfully OTT fruit yogurt with made with local yogurt, burnt honey, dried fruit, and peppermint. Oh, and of course, there’s a French omelet, served with mornay sauce and the option to add caviar. (Thank you, Chef Sutcliff 🙏🏻)

On the lunchier side of things you’ll find options like a smoked trout salad, cavatelli carbonara with a poached egg, and a few highlights pulled from the standard menu. And since it’s not a Dallas brunch without a cocktail, Mirador’s bar team is rolling out a new menu fit for the occasion. The most creative: a “Eggs & Bacon” cocktail that combines bourbon with lemon, maple syrup, egg whites, and bacon. Must try—maybe twice.

The Details: Mirador, 1608 Elm Street. On the penthouse level of Forty Five Ten. Complimentary valet.