September 18, 2018


Take a bite out of five favorites

The Standard Burger
Don’t let the name fool you. Wheelhouse‘s burger is far from standard! We aren’t talking your run-o’-the-mill Wonder Bread bun from a grocery store. Every aspect of The Standard is house-made. Buns: made from scratch. Patty: dry-aged for over a month. Bread & butter pickles: brined in house. Secret sauce: staying Wheelhouse’s secret, but adding that “je ne sais quois” to round out things with a powerful zing. Visually, it’s an ode to a classic cheeseburger, but Wheelhouse’s artisan touch elevates this into the 21stcentury and beyond. (No wonder it won “Best Burger” in D Magazine‘s 2018 Best of Big D Awards.)
The Details: Wheelhouse, 1617 High Line Drive. Complimentary valet. $15. 

The Ultimate Double Cheeseburger
CBD Provisions
’ double cheeseburger doubles down on the cheese. So much so that you’d think it came to your table via Wisconsin. Each grass-fed patty—an 80/20 ratio of beef to fat—is gets a double dose of cheese. That’s a whopping four slices of melted goodness BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Two separate house-made sauces join the party.
The Details: CBD Provisions, 1530 Main Street. $15. 

The Spiral Big Stack
Those golden arches. Mickey D’s. They’ve franchised and scaled the cheeseburger into nearly every town and household from here to Timbuktu. However, delivering that classic Big Mac taste without any semblance of animal product is a super sized order. Spiral Diner & Bakery’s vegan Spiral Big Stack reinvents comfort food that’s guilt free. Let’s just say… Ba-da-ba-ba-bah, you’ll be lovin’ it. (No animals were harmed in the making of this cheeseburger.)
The Details: Spiral Diner & Bakery, 1101 North Beckley Avenue. $13.95. 

The All-American Cheeseburger
If you’re looking for that old-fashioned greasy spoon Americana experience, Maple & Motor is ready for your order—and their grill-tops have the well-seasoned mileage to prove it. Chefs flat-grill a half-pound of finely ground American, add traditional toppings, and seal it all in with your choice of cheese. Their parchment-lined paper boats are ready to catch your droppings so you don’t lose the best and last bits. And to top it off, it’s Guy Fieri approved.

The Details: Maple & Motor, 4810 Maple Avenue. $7.45.

La Monumental
Reinventing the wheel? Impossible. Reinventing the cheeseburger? Challenging, but completely doable. Not just doable. Done. Burguesa Burger in Oak Cliff took an American staple and threw in a Mexican twist. Their La Monumental Burger takes everything that already makes cheeseburgers great and adds a fiesta. From a layer of tostada and refried beans to their special creamy sauce and avocado, this kitschy burger is worth the extra napkins. Pro-tip: add a fried egg to the burger. —Lucas Buckels 

The Details: Burguesa Burger, 710 Fort Worth Avenue. $6.75.