April 19, 2016

Scentsory Experience

Dallas fragrance designer Niven Morgan helps you set the mood.

For local fragrance designer Niven Morgan, inspiration doesn’t strike when he smells something pleasing. It has more to do with where he is, the people he’s with, and the mood of the moment.

“I’m not chasing after a scent,” Morgan
says. “I’m chasing after an experience. The fragrances around me when I’m happiest, and the memories attached to them, are what end up in my products.”

So what does waking up, going to sleep, or getting in the mood smell like? Morgan breaks it down for us.

Wind Down: Lavender Mint

“Lavender is traditionally a calming scent, and we paired it with mint to modernize it. I can’t get enough of these bath salts. Throw them in a super hot bath and soak for a while.”

Turn Up: Green Tea and Peony

“This scent is so fresh and young—the scent of green tea is invigorating, but won’t overpower even the pickiest of noses. And, of course, peony is universally appealing. Try the body butter to moisturize and wake yourself up in the morning.”

Get Naughty: Rue 1807 

“Our men’s line smells sexy. This is a New Orleans-inspired scent, and it’s based off all the bad in the city—the sin, the voodoo, Bourbon, and mahogany.”

The Details: Niven Morgans products can be found inside the hotel rooms and common spaces at The Joule, as well for sale inside The Spa.