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August 25, 2017

See it. Wear it.

Pia Camil limited-edition tees, exclusively for TenOverSix 

If you haven’t been, make your way to the Dallas Contemporary for the final weekend of Pia Camil’s exhibition, Bara Bara Bara. While including her paintings and sculptures, the show’s centerpiece is Divisor Pirata, a sweeping, colorful sea of an installation. Its billowing panels are comprised of vintage tees sourced from Mexico City street markets, deconstructed, and re-sewn together.

Now, Pia Camil has collaborated with designer Ket Void for a series of limited-edition tees exclusively for TenOverSix.

Pia Camil's Divisor Pirata
Pia Camil’s Divisor Pirata

Like all of the tees in her exhibition, each were produced in Latin America, sold to retailers and organizations in the U.S., and then found again in the bargain markets of Mexico.

Camil has hand-selected her favorites and altered with a screen print that maps the genealogy of the shirt, bringing attention to contemporary trade routes and the permeability of borders.

The Details: Available at TenOverSix, 1511 Commerce Street. Dallas Contemporary Senior Curator Justine Ludwig will be at the store from 2–4 p.m. on Saturday the 26th to talk about Camil’s exhibit and answer questions.